Homes and Watsup hit it on the head

After a long night’s consulting at St Crosspurper’s Infirmary, I was eager to welcome my friend Shylock Homes after his sojourn in Switzerland. However, on my return to Pudding Lane, I found Homes already there and in conversation with a uniformed Constable. …

A true tale of the pacific

On the strand beyond the dunes at the far end of the beach, some way above the high-water mark, stood a cabin. Although cabin was an overstatement, as was stood. No wall was truly vertical; no angle was close to right. It was an assemblage of misshapen, water-worn logs and…

Believe it, or not?

I’m fond of animals. Do fleas count as animals?

They’re in the animal kingdom, of course, but I’ve never heard of anyone protesting about animal rights while holding up a picture of a flea. Mammals, birds, reptiles, yes — you don’t see any of those in circuses any more, at…

Stuart James

The story speaks for itself. Remember to be a good person. Links and index at

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