A stage is all the world

Hello, Glastonbury! (author’s fantasy)

That estimation situation

To be replaced… (source)

Misadventures in the space-time continuum

Like this, but at night (source)

Curtains for Shylock Homes?

Rotated from (source)*

It all hinges on this

(author’s gate)

Homes and Watsup go round

May contain Travestine (author’s paperweight)

Life turns the page

First rule of comics: short words are better, even if you have to get one from a different language (source)

Jennifer enhances Leonard’s garment (6,4,8)

Do yourself a favour and listen to this (source)

Invisible escapement


The teas that bind

A cup of tea, in a mug. And another one with it

Stuart James

The story speaks for itself. Remember to be a good person. Links and index at https://sjhtma.medium.com/a-suggestion-6e92a330f746

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